Authentic 5 Greek Menu Including Dessert (07/03)

Authentic 5 Greek Menu Including Dessert (07/03)

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7th March -  6:30pm to 9.30pm
Authentic 5 Greek Menu Including Dessert with Wayne.

Authentic Greek Menu 2019

Pan Fried Pumpkin And Mint Cakes With Skordalia (White Bean, Garlic And Lemon Dip)

Slow Cooked Pull Apart Shoulder Of Lamb Baked With Olives, Lemon And Garlic

Smashed Roasted Carrots With Fennel Seeds

Lemon, Parsley And Butter Baked Potatoes

Dessert-Cinnamon, Orange, Cardamon, Honey And Almond Baklava (Delicious Sticky And Sweet Filo Pastry Goodness) Served With Greek Yoghurt And Fresh Berries