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Private Bookings

Fancy getting a private group together ?


We only require between 20 to 30 people to create your own personalized class.

You choose the cuisine and I will make a menu just for your special event.
With free parking and a fully stocked bar we promise to make it a fun and relaxed time for everyone.

Ideal For:

Birthday Party's

Everyone loves a good birthday drink!

Bridal Shower's / Hen's Night

These are always super fun!

Mother Group's

Bring your kids! (Or don't) That's your call!

Social Group Meeting's

Get together with just your friends and enjoy a night all to yourselves!

Family Birthdays

Getting together to cook great food with family , freinds and a bottle of wine or two.


Celebrate your special event in a relaxed and fun environment where everyone gets to help build the menu as much as they like.

Teachers and Nurses Night Out

A wonderful night out with work mates as you laugh, drink, cook and eat your way through your chosen menu.