Children's Love Food Hate Waste Awareness Class 10/04

Children's Love Food Hate Waste Awareness Class 10/04

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10th April - 10am to 12:30pm

 This Brisbane City Council Endorsed Cooking Class is Focused On Food Wastage Reduction, Safe Food Handling And Knife Skills.
With Quick And Easy To Follow Recipes We Create Our Menu With Fully Interactive Hands On Participation And Then We Eat What We Create And Take Home The Recipes.

We Encourage Taking Photos So As To Have A Reference To Call Back To When You Recreate The Dishes At Home.

Thai Sweet Potato, Cumin And Coconut Soup With Freshly Squeezed Lime. Great Any Time Of Year. Sweet Potatoes Starting To Shoot In The Pantry? Let’s Get Them Eaten Up.

Spanish Tortillas (Frittata) With Oregano And Garlic Oven Roasted Pumpkin, Carrot And Onion Baked Between Layers Of Sautéed Potato And Beaten Eggs. Ideal Hot Or Cold. How To Clear Out Your Fridges Vegetable Tray

Spiced Up Left Over Roast Chicken With Tomato And Jalapeno Sauce, Bacon And Cheese Waffles Drizzled With Maple Syrup.

Coconut, Cinnamon, Vanilla And Pecan Bread And Butter Pudding With Rum Butter Glaze. No Bread Ever Needs To Go To Waste.

Banana, Chocolate, Date And Tahini Ice-Cream. 5 Ingredients And A Blender, So Easy And No More Bananas In The Bin.