Father And Child Love Food Hate Waste Awareness Class 4/04

Father And Child Love Food Hate Waste Awareness Class 4/04

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4th April  - 10am to 12:30pm
Father And Child Class

 This Brisbane City Council Endorsed Cooking Class is Focused On Food Wastage Reduction, Safe Food Handling And Knife Skills.

With Quick And Easy To Follow Recipes We Create Our Menu With Fully Interactive Hands On Participation And Then We Eat What We Create And Take Home The Recipes.

We Encourage Taking Photos So As To Have A Reference To Call Back To When You Recreate The Dishes At Home.

Middle Eastern Style Roasted Eggplant, Yoghurt Dip. What Better Way To Disguise Leftovers Than By Making An Exciting And Mouthwatering Dip

Homemade Bolognaise And Mozzarella Quick And Easy Pizza. Turn Last Nights Pasta Bolognaise Into Another Winner - Pizza


The Great Crepe - Another Sneaky Kitchen Tip Is To Pop Things Into A Crepe And Cover With A Delicious Sauce. Here I Will Show You My Award Winning Texas Pulled Pork Recipe Served Up Baked In Crepes

Dessert- Moist Raspberry, Almond, Cinnamon And Yoghurt Banana Bread. (Or Any Fruit From The Fruit Bowl Really) No More Over Ripe Fruit Need To Go In To The Bin